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There are many different options available in order to have a water feature in your backyard! You can start with a simple plastic dish, add a solar pump, a dripper or just have a mister. Our bird baths are available in several different material choices, glazed clay, glass, metal, plastic and resin. Or check out our water features; birds love moving water because it stays fresher and cleaner for a longer time. If you need advice or details on how to attract birds to your yard’s water feature, give us a call!


Bird Bath Drippers

bird bath dripper

Bird bath drippers attach to your existing garden hose. You can have a constant stream of water or just have it drip a drop at a time. It can sit in a bird bath, attach to the side of a bird bath or the base can go into the ground beside the bird bath (as in the picture).

Water Wigglers

water wiggler

Water wigglers are great for moving water, which can prevent mosquitos from laying their eggs in your bird bath. These can be battery-operated or solar-powered and can have a decorative ceramic cover for the battery-operated one. One style has lights inside that change colours.

Solar-Powered Pumps/Fountains

solar powered pumps

Solar-powered pumps and fountains are a great feature for you and the birds! Do you have a pond or water feature? Then a solar-powered lily pad fountain would be great. It creates beauty and relaxing sounds in your backyard.



Waterers are great if you don’t have a lot of room – they can act as a water dish and a bath for small birds. The continuous water avoids the need to continuously fill the bird bath. The clear container also allows you to see the water level clearly.

Bird Spa Easy Mister

bird spa easy mister

The Easy Mister attaches to your garden hose where you can hook it onto a branch or on your fence. Now you just wait and watch the small songbirds, and possibly hummingbirds, fly through the mist.

In-Store Stock

in store stock

We carry Burley Clay products (glazed clay), as well as bird bath tops and pedestals. They come with an adhesive that attaches the two pieces together to avoid any unwanted damages.

plastic water dish

We also carry simple bird baths made by Erva, with a solid metal ring with a plastic dish inside. Available as a deck clamp or hanging style and can wrap around a 1-inch metal pole or can be mounted on top of a pole.

All-Season Bird Baths

Bird baths can be used in all the seasons, not just the summer! We have several different types that can be used for those -30° days.

bird bath

Heated pedestal and top (combo), you can also get them as separate pieces

bird bath

Heated deck mount/clamp birdbath which attaches to most deck railings


Insert a separate heater into an existing bird bath (metal or plastic only, all others will crack)
There are several different heater/de-icer designs to choose from. They can appear like a rock (more natural look) or are made with metal. They range from 50 watts to 250 watts in power. They are great for ponds and ground bird baths.

Note: It is rare for birds to “freeze” in the winter due to open water. Most birds (local ones) that stick around for the winter are used to it and will shake off the water. Also, bird feathers are made quite differently than fur/hair and do not tend to freeze the same way. Their feet are also covered in scales and will not freeze to the edge of the birdbath or your metal fence!

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