The Wildbird General Store™’s Selection of Bird Houses

When is the best time to set up a bird house?

Early spring is the best time to get your bird houses up, but some birds may need a home well before the snow is gone. Chickadees will start courting as early as February, and the females are looking for males with the best territory, which means a home and a large food supply.

Where should a bird house be set up?

It varies by species, but you can place the houses in a sheltered area that won’t be preyed on by larger birds (crows, magpies, blue jays, ravens, etc.) and feral or household cats that are in the neighbourhood. Generally, it’s best to put feeders and houses a fair distance from each other (or else the birds won’t use the house due to intense competition and activity). If you need more info, feel free to stop by the store!

  • wren
  • chikadee
  • nuthatches
  • nuthatches
  • swallow
  • bluebird

Purple martins = generally condo style houses with an average 2” hole size

We also carry a few different purple martin houses (made from cedar or plastic). We also have natural and plastic gourds that come as singles or with a gourd rack (to put on a pole). We also have the pole systems that work with both the condo houses and gourds.


We carry a selection of owl boxes, flicker boxes, squirrel boxes, duck boxes and winter roosting boxes for species such as our resident chickadees and sparrows.


Bird Cameras

We also carry the latest and greatest in bird cameras. Set up a tiny bird cam right inside the nesting box or use a motion-activated camera to watch the comings and goings of the parents. These cameras are also great for taking real close-up shots of your birds at a feeder or birdbath.

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