#1 Gift Shop in Edmonton !

The Wildbird General Store was voted #1 Gift Shop in

Vue Weekly’s FINAL ISSUE: Best of Edmonton Guide 2018 !


Vue Weekly’s Best of Edmonton Guide 2017 ! 

(We took 2nd place in 2016!)

We curate a selection of unique, nature inspired gifts, with a focus on local, Canadian, and fair-trade goods.

Everything from Sweetsmith™ brittle, Master Chocolate™, fair-trade shade-grown bird-friendly coffee, a vast assortment of beautiful, fine-bone china mugs featuring Canadian artists, to one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces, hand-painted Anuschka™ purses, exclusive Mary Frances™ beaded handbags, and the Bee by the Sea™ skin-care line made with honey and sea buckthorn berries.

Please note, our inventory changes routinely so products may not always be available as shown.

Be sure to visit frequently to see what’s new!
If you ever have a question or need advice, always feel free to contact us:

CALL:   780-439-7333 (toll free: 1-800-465-5099)    

EMAIL: info@wildbirdgeneralstore.com   

VISIT:   4712-99 St, Edmonton, AB   for one-on-one customer care!