A Unique Collection of Christmas Gifts

With hand-carved spinners, nutcrackers, and smoker-men from Germany, Christmas is a wonderful time to visit The Wildbird General Store! With a focus on nature inspired, locally made, and fair-trade gifts, we’ve got something for everyone on your list, for all occasions!

CLIKC: Watch Santa fly thru the air!

Please note, our inventory changes every Christmas season so products may not always be available as shown. Products begin to arrive late October – early November.

(Dregeno orders are placed in August if you’d like to special order a piece!)

Be sure to visit frequently through the season to see what’s new!
If you ever have a question or need advice, always feel free to contact us:

CALL:   780-439-7333 (toll free: 1-800-465-5099)    

EMAIL:   info@wildbirdgeneralstore    

VISIT:   4712-99 St, Edmonton, AB   for one-on-one customer care!