About The Wildbird General Store

The Wildbird General Store™ has been 100% locally owned and fully independent since it opened its doors in 1990.

We are dedicated to promoting our love for nature, in our own backyard and yours.

“The Wildbird General Store is the best nature store I’ve ever seen, anywhere on the globe”

Renowned Canadian Ornithologist, Dr. David Bird


Store History:

The Wildbird General Store™ was founded in 1989 by retired ornithologist Jack Clements, and his daughter Ellen. The store was the very first of its kind in all of Alberta, specializing in backyard bird feeding. Originally located in the Strathcona area beside Royal Pizza™, the store moved to its current location in south Edmonton in 1995. Jack sold the store to biologist Lu Carbyn and his wife Jaynne Carre in 2001, who expanded the business in 2009.

Current Owners:

Steve Kulak and Kay Kozlowski, both former molecular biologists at the UofAlberta, became co-owners in 2014 and took over full ownership in 2017. Steve is more than happy to answer any science questions you may have, whatever the topic. Kay has a knack for sourcing interesting giftware, and has garnered recognition as Edmonton’s best gift shop! The store underwent full renos during the pandemic.

Considering themselves stewards on Jack’s behalf, the store remains true to its roots. In Jack’s words “It’s not a bird store. It’s a people store.” Read more about Steve & Kay in a feature by Prime Times Edmonton (photo by Nicole Lauzon).


We introduced our gnome mascot in the fall of 2015 with a name the gnome contest. “Wilbir” was suggested as Wildbird without the “d’s” and Wilbir the four foot gnome was born. Wilbir can often be found sun-bathing outside, and is more than happy to take selfies. Be sure to share them & tag us @WILDBIRD_YEG on Twitter or Instagram! #WILBIR #YEGgnome #WildbirdGeneralStore

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