Pretty & Functional Bird Baths

Attract more birds to your backyard with a water feature! Our bird baths are available in several different material choices: plastic, resin, and glass are standard, we also occassionally bring in metal, cast concrete and glazed ceramic. Birds love moving water, you may want to consider adding a water-wiggler, mister, dripper, or solar pump.

Bird Baths

TDI is one of our favourite lines of bird baths; made of a composite material comprised of clay and fibre that has been plasticized. The base can be filled with sand or gravel for extra stability. Suitable for year-round use with the addition of a de-icer.

We carry simple plastic bird-safe plastic dishes made by ERVA. These are available as just the dish; or add a table top ring stand; hanging support rings; mounted deck clamp; ground-staking pole; or attachment for 1-inch modular metal pole systems (which we also sell).

These can also be used in the winter by switching out the dish with a heated dish, also made by ERVA.

Our collection of decorative glass bird baths is ever-changing, so be sure to visit us in store to view our latest selection.

All-Season Bird Baths & Drop-in Heaters

Bird baths can be used in all the seasons, not just the summer! We have several different types that can be used for those -30° days.

Our favourite heated-bird bath has a fully encased heating element in a high-density plastic. Available with or without pedestal.

Some models of heated deck rail mount/clamp birdbaths tilt for easy emptying.

Four-season ground models with a natural looking sand-coating can be used in yards free of cats.

Drop-in de-icers can be used with existing winter-safe bird baths.

Note: It is rare for birds to freeze in the winter due to open water. Healthy birds are able to shake off water from their feathers & their feet are covered in scales that will not freeze when wet, but we do recommend that heated bird baths not be used immediately beside chain link fencing.

Solar-Powered Pumps/Fountains

Solar-powered pumps and fountains add movement to water, inhibiting mosquitos, while attracting birds.

Bird Bath Drippers / Misters

Bird bath drippers attach to your garden hose, allowing either a steady drip or constant stream, you decide.

Misters are enjoyed by small birds, especially hummingbirds.

Water Wigglers

Water Wigglers™ prevent mosquito larvae from hatching in your bird bath. Available as battery-powered, with or without changing LED lights, and solar-powered.


Waterers are great if you don’t have a lot of room – they can act as a water dish and a bath for small birds.

Please note, our inventory changes routinely so products may not always be available as shown.

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