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Attract more birds to your backyard with a water feature! Our bird baths are available in several different material choices: composite, plastic, and glass are standard, we also occasionally bring in metal and glazed ceramic. Birds love moving water, in summertime you may want to consider adding a water-wiggler, mister, or solar pump.



Bird baths can be used in all the seasons, not just the summer! We have several different types that can be used for those -20° days. Heated baths are thermostatically controlled and only cost pennies to operate.

It is rare for birds to freeze in the winter due to open water. Healthy birds are able to shake off water from their feathers & their feet are covered in scales that will not freeze when wet, but we do recommend that heated bird baths not be used immediately beside chain link fencing.

We advise shallow baths for bird safety.

Due to evaporation, baths will need to be topped up daily. 

$179.99 Top (inc Deck Clamp)


“Songbird Spa” 14″ heated bird bath comes with 3 mounting options: deck clamp bracket & ground/table use.

75 W. 2 year warranty. $124.99

ERVA 14″ heated bird bath comes with metal support ring & pole. 

75 W. 1 year warranty. $164.99

Replacement ERVA 14″ heated bird bath dish insert. 

75 W. 1 year warranty. $89.99

Four-season ground model with a natural looking sand-coating can be used in yards free of cats.
70 W. 1 year warranty. $149.99
Drop-in de-icers can be used with existing winter-safe bird baths

150W. 5.5′ cord. 3 year warranty. $89.99



TDI is one of our favourite lines of bird baths; made of a composite material comprised of clay, fibre and sand that has been plasticized. The base can be filled with sand or gravel for extra stability, perfect for yards with dogs & small children. Suitable for year-round use with the addition of a de-icer.

Bowl is 20″ wide, 24″ tall with base.


10″ glass birdbath on 18′ stake. Sunflower design. $49.99


BEAUTIFUL stained glass appearance! 18″ glass birdbath (stand not included). $79.99


BOXED. 18″ glass birdbath with 23″ stand. $94.99



We carry simple plastic bird-safe plastic dishes made by ERVA. These are available as just the dish ($21.99).

Sets that include the dish are available: bracket w steel support rings ($79.99); mounted deck clamp w steel support rings ($99.99 on sale $89.99);  hanging w steel support rings ($99.99).

Other options available are available, but not pictured (dish not included): Ground-staking pole ($54.99); Table top ring stand ($32.99); or as attachment for 1-inch modular metal pole systems (which we also sell).

These can also be used in the winter by switching out the dish with a heated dish, also made by ERVA ($84.99).


Solar-powered pumps and fountains add movement to water, inhibiting mosquitos, while attracting birds. Direct sunlight is needed. $54.99 (BACK IN STOCK)

(Sorry, the blue bowl in the picture is not part of our collection)


Waterers are great if you don’t have a lot of room.



Water Wigglers™ prevent mosquito larvae from hatching in your bird bath. Available as battery-powered. $89.99


Misters are enjoyed by small birds, especially hummingbirds. Easy to attach to your garden hose. $39.99



Birdbath Protector is formulated for outdoor birdbaths that contain approximately two gallons of water or less. The cap on the bottle will treat 1/2 to 2 gallons of water. Prevents stains, organic contaminants, mineral deposits. Keeps water clean and clear naturally. Safe for wildlife and pets that may drink from birdbath. Non-toxic. 8oz $13.99

Fountain Protector is formulated for fountains that contain 1-10 gallons of water. Prevents stains, sludge and build-up of organic contaminants. Safe for all surfaces and pumps. Safe for wildlife and pets that may drink from birdbath. Non-toxic. 8oz $13.99 

Please note, our inventory changes routinely so products may not always be available as shown.

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