Nature Organizations

It’s our pleasure to work with and support all of the following local and national groups:

  • Alberta Wilderness Association: Defending Alberta’s Wilderness since 1965, AWA has inspired communities to care for Alberta’s wild spaces through awareness and action. WBGS co-hosts an AWA speaker series at Jackson Power & Electric in Edmonton.
  • Cats and Birds: Nature Canada’s invitation to consider what we can do to make our country a safer place for BOTH cats & birds
  • Edmonton & Area Land Trust: The EALT has secured and stewards 10 natural areas in the Edmonton region, all which can be explored by the public. (Donations can be made in store)
  • Edmonton Horticultural Society: A vital part of gardening in Edmonton since 1909! With a speaker’s series, Front Yards in Bloom, and Annual Garden Tour, everyone has an opportunity to “stop and smell the roses”.
  • Edmonton Native Plant Group: Find them at a local seed sales & at our store!
  • Edmonton Nature Club: With study groups, speaker series, and field trips, the ENC can’t be beat for birding, botany, and bugs! Be sure to visit their calendar of events. ENC organizes our Edmonton Christmas Bird Count
  • Nature Alberta: A federation of natural history organizations throughout Alberta
  • Nature Canada: Founded in 1939, Nature Canada represents a network of over 350 naturalist organizations at all levels across Canada.
  • Nature Conservancy of CanadaSince 1962, NCC and their partners have helped to conserve 2.8 million acres (more than 1.1 million hectares) of ecologically significant land from coast to coast.
  • Roots for Trees: A City of Edmonton initiative to plant an additional 16,000 trees by partnering with individuals, groups & businesses