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1 month ago
NowThis Future

Maybe we should stock these?

This tiny bird is actually a drone

1 month ago
Photos from Wildbird General Store's post

Father’s Day is next weekend! We’ve got Edmonton’s largest selection of Canadian-made Tilley hats, EVERYTHING for the backyard birder, binoculars & spotting scopes, and all sorts of ... See more

1 month ago
Boreal Centre for Bird Conservation

Send your older kids to camp!

Looking for a fun outdoor camp for your teen this summer? We’re hosting our EnviroQuest day camp July 24th – 26th for youth aged 12-15 and this year’s theme is ‘Workin’ Wild’! Youth will ... See more

1 month ago

Please don’t feed bread to 🦆 ducks & geese! If you’d like to feed them, try our in house blend of “SCRATCH” made with oats, barley, wheat, cracked corn & safflower (available in bulk, 10lb ... See more

1 month ago
Ellis Bird Farm Webcams


Purple Martins, Swallows and Boreal Chickadees! What do they have in common? EBF has a nest cam on a nest of each of these species. ~TyrolKat

Channel 3 currently has 7, yes 7, nestlings! The cam ... See more

1 month ago
BBC Earth

Happy Wednesday! 🙃

Ever heard a beatboxing starling?


1 month ago
Inside Reality Star Spencer Pratt’s Hummingbird Empire

An interesting avian ally, indeed. Anything to get more people loving on birds, wildlife, & nature!

Almost a decade after “The Hills,” the Los Angeles native has found a new fan base in the hundreds of hummers that visit his decked-out home.

1 month ago
JaW Nature Photography Ltd.

Make sure to say “Hi” to Julie & Wolfgang of JaW Nature Photography Ltd. at today’s WildLIFE festival hosted by WILDNorth at John Janzen Nature Centre. Meet Wild Rose the porcupine & get your ... See more

It's festival time! Join us at the Edmonton Wildlife Festival 😊 hosted by @wildnorthab
#yegevents #yegliving #yegphotographer #naturephotography #naturelovers #wildlifelovers #wildlife ... See more

1 month ago
Global News

Be careful when trying to help those cute little 🐥 guys cross the road! Their parents can be vicious!

You don't see that every day.

1 month ago
Beaverhill Bird Observatory - BBO

If you’ve never been to BBO’s Big Birding Breakfast you should go! Stretchy pants a must!!! 😋🥞🥓

Big Birding Breakfast June 2nd and 3rd
Forecast is looking good!

Our annual Big Birding Breakfast is this weekend and the forecast is for sun! If you haven't already got your tickets, act quickly. ... See more

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