Guide Book & Nature Library

We carry a wide selection of field guides and books on bird watching, nature, travel, gardening, and conservation. Many titles are on SALE! 

Plus we have an entire separate library of children’s books!

Field Guides

  • Birds / Mammals / Bugs / Plants
  • Local / North American / Global

Reference Books

  • Ornithology
  • Bird monographs
  • Bird feeding
  • Bird houses design
  • Bats / Butterflies / Bees
  • Nature-scaping / Gardening
  • Nature Appreciation / Camping / Foraging

Coffee Table Books

  • The beauty of birds
  • Nature photography
  • Destinations

Children’s Books

  • Birding for kids
  • Dinosaurs
  • Astronomy
  • Nature-themed story books


We also have instructional CDs that help you learn bird songs (John Neville’s guides to bird songs, Stokes Birding, Peterson’s Field Guides), as well as some birding DVDS.

Please note, our inventory changes routinely so products may not always be available as shown.

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