Quality Bird Seed & Suet


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We offer a wide range of quality, Canadian grown & locally processed seed for feeding your backyard birds.

We have individual ingredients available as well as a few choice mixes, learn more about our offerings:

Black Oil Sunflower Kernels

  • Our #1 seller!
  • Loved by ALL birds
  • Considered “The Perfect Birdseed” with the best nutrient profile
  • Out of the shell means the kernels will not sprout & there won’t be any shell mess!
  • Available in coarse, medium & fine (fine is best for redpolls, pine siskins, & american goldfinches)
  • Available in: BULK, 5lb (coarse or medium only), 20lb, 44lb
  • Also available a WASTE-FREE MIX with nuts added (BULK, 5lb, 20lb) 

Black Oil Sunflower (In-shell)

  • In-shell black-oil is enjoyed  by: chickadees and nuthatches
  • Sparrows sometimes have difficulty opening the shells
  • Shells protect the seed from the weather, good for big feeders out at the cabin
  • Available in bulk, 5lb, 10lb, 17lb, 25lb, 40lb
  • Also available in a variety of mixes, with varying amounts of millet & corn added

Striped Sunflower (In-Shell)

  • Preferred by big birds: blue jays,  woodpeckers
  • Available in: BULK, 5lb, 10lb, 30lb, 50lb


  • Available in red, white, hulled & sprays
  • Preferred by: juncos & sparrows, recommended for ground feeding
  • Hulled millet will not grow & is enjoyed by sparrows from hanging feeders
  • Available in: BULK, 20lb and 44lb bags; the main component of our Ground-feeding (Junco) Mix

Peanuts (In and Out of Shell)

  • Available as roasted in-shell, blanched (no skin, no shell), redskins (raw, no shell)
  • With shell is preferred by: blue jays and squirrels
  • Without shell is preferred by: chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers
  • In-shell is available in: BULK, 5lb, 10lb, 44lb
  • Out of Shell is available in: 5lb (redskin only), 20lb & 44lb

Mixed Nuts

  • Available as a tree-nut blend
  • Also available as a blend with black-oil sunflower kernels (our #1 blend!)
  • Available in: BULK, 5lb and 20lb bags


  • Enjoyed by: finches (goldfinches, pine siskins, redpolls)
  • Available in: BULK, 5lb and 20lb bags
  • Available as a 1:1 mix with fine chip black oil sunflower kernels (5lb, 20lb)
  • Also available as an in-house blend in BULK

Corn (Cracked, Whole and On-the-Cob)

  • Cracked corn is enjoyed by: ducks, geese and grouse
  • Whole corn & on-the-cob is enjoyed by: squirrels & blue-jays (especially in the fall)
  • Cracked & whole corn are available in: BULK, 44lb
  • On-the-cob is available in: BULK, boxes of ~6, 25lb
  • Also available as in-house blend called SCRATCH, with oats, barley, wheat & safflower
  • SCRATCH is popular with ducks, geese, and RABBITS
  • (we also have alfalfa pellets available for the bunnies in BULK & 50lb)



Canary Seed / Canola / Flax

  • Enjoyed by: finches
  • Available in: BULK, & as part of our in-house Finch Mix


  • Enjoyed by: bigger birds like blackbirds and bigger sparrows
  • Available in: BULK, & as part of our in-house ground-feeding wild bird mix


  • A bitter safflower that is NOT eaten by squirrels
  • We’ve noted some success with keeping the sparrows at bay as well
  • The softer shell of this varietal allows it to be enjoyed by smaller birds like house finches & chickadees
  • Available in: BULK, 5lb, 20lb, 44lb bulk


  • Part of our SCRATCH mix
  • Enjoyed by: bigger birds like grosbeaks
  • Available in: BULK, 20lb, 44lb bulk & as part of our SCRATCH mix

Mealworms / Soldier Fly Larvae

  • Enjoyed by: robins and bluebirds



  • Our #1 seller includes full size meal-worms that’s a hit with the birds
  • Loved especially by the nut-eaters (chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers),
  • Suet is a good choice for year-round feeding: young chicks require high energy food sources for growth in the summer. In the depths of winter, fat is an important energy source for our resident birds.
  • Hot pepper suet deters the squirrels, as they have capsaicin receptors just like we do & they don’t like the heat!
  • Available: in square blocks (.75lbs and 3lbs); 1lb nets (ready to hang); suet logs, suet balls, squeezable suet & tubs



There’s plenty of good bird seed to choose from!

We’re happy to give you recommendations for your location & the birds you’re trying to attract.

If you ever have a question or need advice, always feel free to contact us:

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