Built in Alberta to our exacting standards

Hopper Feeders

  • Protects the seed from the elements with a roof & plexi-glass sides
  • Available in a multitude of sizes, larger hoppers with increased capacity are great for the lake

Fly-Thru Feeders

  • Allow bigger birds entry to enjoy the feeder
  • Best used with seeds in the shell

Tray & Window Feeders

  • Window feeders are great for kids & pets, allowing the opportunity to watch individual birds up close
  • Weather shield covers are available for 9″ & 12″ hanging trays as an add-on
  • Open ground feeders need to be monitored to ensure they are not attracting problem wildlife

Squirrel Feeders

  • Diversion feeding keeps squirrels busy & away from your other feeders
  • Munch boxes have lids to keep the birds out
  • Our squirrel jar has the entrance at the BOTTOM to keep birds from getting trapped in the jar