Locally crafted cedar bird feeders are built to our exacting specifications.
Hopper/Divider Feeders
  • Protects the seed from the elements with a roof
  • Available in different sizes, large hoppers with increased capacity are great for the lake or if you can’t fill your feeder often

Tray and Fly-Through Feeders

  • Allow bigger birds to enjoy a feeder
  • Weather shield covers are available to add on to our cedar trays

Window Feeders

  • Great for kids and pets
  • Allows everyone to see individual birds up close and personal
  • Can be used with seeds, nuts or a finch mix
Squirrel Feeders/Munch Boxes
  • Great for your favourite squirrelly pals
  • Munch boxes have lids to keep the birds out
  • Diversion feeding keeps squirrels busy and away from your other feeders
  • Feed seeds/nuts/peanuts or corn